UNHCR launches HELP, new information platform for refugees in Greece

UNHCR launched a new information platform for refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. At help.unhcr.org/greece, refugees and asylum seekers can find tailored and reliable information about the asylum procedure in Greece, their rights and obligations while in the country, and processes such as relocation, family reunification and voluntary return. The Help site also lists the services where one can find help in Greece and provides clarifications about the role and activities of UNHCR. The information is available in Arabic, English, Farsi, French and Greek.

“Providing information to asylum seekers is part of UNHCR’s mandate and we are uniquely positioned to do this. The site provides refugees and asylum seekers in Greece with a reliable online platform to access the most up-to-date and accurate information they need, in a language they understand,” said Rachel Maher, UNHCR’s Communicating With Communities Coordinator in Greece.

The new HELP site is part of an international platform, which aims to provide information to refugees and asylum seekers about a new country, usually the one they have sought refuge in. It has been developed to respond to the need for a global approach for offering customized and centralized information to refugees and asylum seekers, recognizing that information is protection.

The HELP site will be regularly updated to reflect changes in key areas and to provide advice on services and social rights, and living in Greece.