Projects in Greece supported and funded by Norway

The EEA & Norway Grants funding period 2009-2014 was officially launched with a signing ceremony at the Norwegian Embassy in November 2011. The funding period officially runs from 2009 to 2014 but projects can be implemented until 2016.

The Donor Countries have set aside €63.4 million for Greece a third of which (€20.9 million) is dedicated to support the country’s efforts to handle the influx of asylum seekers and irregular migrants.

Another third of the total amount (€19 million) will be used to address environmental and climate change concerns, while yet another €6.3 million will be spent to reinforce the Greek civil society by establishing an NGO Fund – for the first time in Greece.

Key areas of support are marine and water management, renewable energy, the NGO fund, asylum and migration, and research. 

Overview of Programs:

Integrated Marine and Water Management (€9.51 million)
To contribute to good environmental status in European marine and inland waters.
Program Operator:  Special Service for the Co-ordination of Environmental Activities, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Renewable Energy (€9.51 million)
To contribute to the increased share of renewable energy in energy use
Program Operator:  CRES (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources).

Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations (€6.34 million)
To strengthen the development of civil society and to enhance contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.  The programme shall be 100 percent funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.
Program Operator:  The Financial Mechanism Office of the EEA Grants
Fund Operator:  The Bodossaki Foundation.

Institutional Framework in the Asylum and Migration Sector (€20.88 million)
To establish a well-functioning asylum system, which will enable asylum-seekers to bring forward their claim for international protection, have their claim processed in due time, and be offered accommodation during processing of their case, or to return voluntarily to their country of origin.

Research Within Priority Sectors (€3 million)
To enhance research-based knowledge development on Diversity, inequalities and social inclusion
Program Operator: General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, Life-long learning and Religions.