FM Nikos Kotzias to attend the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias will visit Brussels on Monday, February 15th to attend a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council. The Council will focus on the EU-Belarus relations and the situation in Moldova.

Discussions will also focus on issues of North Africa and Libya, in light of the latest political developments and the deteriorating security situation, resulting from the advance of Da’esh. The Council will also consider issues of climate diplomacy and the EU’s role in the situation taking shape following the Paris Conference on climate change (COP 21).

Finally, the Foreign Ministers will have a working luncheon with the Foreign Minister of Lebanon, Gebran Bassil, during which there will be a discussion on the latest developments in the Middle East and on ways to support Lebanon as a country of first reception of refugee flows.

Mr. Kotzias will also participate in a meeting with his colleagues from Cyprus and Lebanon, inaugurating a new trilateral cooperation configuration, following the Greece-Cyprus-Egypt, Greece-Cyprus-Jordan, and Greece-Cyprus-Israel trilateral meetings on the level of Foreign Ministers.