Greek Foreign Ministry presents publication on the “Greek Righterous among the Nations”

Deputy FM Ioannis Amanatidis addressed the presentation of the Foreign Ministry publication, “The Greek Righteous Among the Nations” in Thessaloniki.

As he said the volume completed the trilogy of publications, that began in 2000. “This particular publishing initiative shows without a doubt that, in Greece, there is memory, tradition, a point of reference, value standards in an era very difficult, pessimistic and given to complaining. The 327 Greeks who bear the honorific of Righteous Among the Nations were not born heroes, but they were born persons, in the full meaning of the word. Underscoring the greatness of the souls of those everyday people, this publication sheds light on a previously obscure page of our national history. At the same time, it sends a message to the younger generation, which, unfortunately, is today being harangued with sermons of hatred, racism, anti-Semitism, intolerance for diversity, and more.”

SOURCE: Greek Foreign Ministry
PHOTO: Greek Foreign Ministry, flickr