Europe at the test [opinion]

Despite the paradox elements of the British culture, it is really difficult to comprehend the latest developments in the Old Albion. With only a few hours left before the referendum of June 23rd, the latest polls show a completely different situation compared to the previous month. The percentage of Britons in favor of a Brexit is now higher by 4-5%, while the percentage of the indecisive has reached 13%. What could prove to be a slight comfort to those that are against a Brexit, is that the indecisive are usually conservative citizens that do not take risks. They might be against a Brexit. That remains to be seen.

In general the situation in the European Union is very difficult. Euroscepticism is gaining ground.

Concerns in and out of Britain focus on two facts: First is the latest terrorist attacks in Europe, that have increased xenophobia and might make Britons pursue insulation. Second, the latest polls published in many newspapers show that a Brexit is certain and this has become the main focus of the pre-election period, fueling phobic syndromes such as xenophobia and patriotism. A tragic incident, the assassination of British MP, Jo Cox, could turn things around.

In general the situation in the European Union is very difficult. Euroscepticism is gaining ground. The weakness of European Union leaders to solve the problems has discouraged even those in favor of a united Europe. Germany’s financial speculation is now evident. Germany and France are in a pre-election period, but they don’t seem to have a promising suggestion for the future of their citizens and for the 5 hundred millions of Europeans.

If there is a Brexit, then the EU would be confronted with a great problem: The disobedience of the member-states. There would be the “brave” and the “cοwards”. Without cohesion Europe cannot operate. Even worse Great Britain’s exit would prove to be a major financial blow – and a blow to Europe’s prestige for that matter – and no one can really estimate the consequences.

We should not forget that very recently, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk said that a Brexit, could prove to be the beginning of the end of the European Union.

Konstantinos Pantzios






*Konstantinos M. Pantzios is a journalist and a political analyst

PHOTO: pixabay