Dreary opportunists [opinion]

The effete denial, the absolute opportunism, the indifference for the problems of the citizens, the lack of political goal is more than evident on the recent actions of the Brexit’s protagonists. The equivocal stars have started abandoning the scene of the drama. First Prime Minister, David Cameron. Nigel Farage – who until two weeks ago declared his commitment to fight for his country’s transitional process – also resigned.

EU leaders must start thinking. It would be the start of a good path for Europe.

In the meantime the leadership of the European Union doesn’t seem to realize the reasons why a great power is leaving the EU or the reasons why 17 million British citizens voted in the way they did. More specifically the German Minister of Finance,Wolfgang Schäuble – living in his own world – found one more opportunity to unleash his “thunders” of intolerance and arrogance to those who have started thinking of proceeding with changes within the EU or to those who seek for a joint declaration of solidarity against the evident problems of a German origin.

EU leaders must start thinking. It would be the start of a good path for Europe. But these are the people who created certain mechanisms and allowed them to think and decide for them. The auto pilot is of a major importance to aviation. However, it still has to adjust to the plane and the travel route.

We also see others – not so “Europeans” – being upset. They wonder where the EU is going to after all that has happened. Let them not “worry”. The European citizens won’t let the EU fade. They simply do not want to revive the days of 1933. The Brexit is the greatest blow to the Old Albion after World War II. But it will deal with it.

A good thing came out of it though. The European citizens realized who the enemies of the European Union are – the obvious and the hidden. And they will fight, united and determined.

Konstantinos Pantzios





*Konstantinos M. Pantzios is a journalist and a political analyst.

PHOTO: pixabay