Alternate MFA Nikos Xydakis meets with German minister Michael Roth

Alternate Foreign Minister for European Affairs, Nikos Xydakis, met at the Foreign Ministry yesterday with the German Minister of State for Europe, Michael Roth.

During the meeting there was a discussion of the refugee/migration issue, the Greek reform programme and the recovery of the Greek economy, and a review was carried out of the course of Greek-German bilateral relations.

With regard to the refugee/migration issue, the two Ministers agreed on the European nature of the crisis and, consequently, the need to seek a European solution.

Roth expressed his complete satisfaction at Greece’s contribution to date, as well as his conviction that Greece and Germany will continue to work together constructively, along with the rest of the EU member states, to resolve this serious issue that is testing the European Union.

With regard to the programme for the recovery of the Greek economy, Roth acknowledged the Greek people’s efforts and stated that the German government is willing to provide any assistance requested of it so that the necessary reforms can be completed in a socially acceptable manner, to the benefit of the average citizen.

Xydakis underscored that Greece is facing unprecedented influxes of refugees and migrants. In its effort to confront this huge challenge, particularly in the midst of an unfavorable economic state of affairs like that of the past six years, Greece greatly appreciates its partners’ support and understanding. The common pursuit should be a comprehensive and lasting solution based on the European acquis, humanistic principles and, naturally, the logic of burden sharing and solidarity amongst the partners.

Photo: MFA