EU calls for ceasefire in the southeast of Turkey

In a statement by European Union Spokesperson on the deteriorating security situation in the southeast of Turkey, the EU said:

“Despite the repeated calls to restraint, the security situation continues to deteriorate in the southeast of Turkey. The Turkish authorities are faced with difficult challenges, due to the threat posed by PKK and by other terrorist groups at its borders. But it is crucial to keep the response contained and avoid effects on local population. We expect all parties to act proportionately and demonstrate restraint.

To avoid further escalation of violence, all political leaders need to call for an immediate ceasefire and to return urgently to the Kurdish Peace Process. Important progress has been made over the past two years; this should not be lost. The peace process remains the only way to solve a conflict that continues to claim far too many lives. The EU is ready, as it has always been, to support all efforts to reach a positive outcome.”

Photo: EU Parliament service