Hellas Filmbox Berlin: A Greek film festival in Berlin

Hellas Filmbox Berlin is a Greek Festival that opened its doors on January 21st and it will run until the 24th in the German capital, to highlight the current, highly artistic Greek film scene and present it to the German audience. Organized for the first time by the German-Greek Cultural Association the festival aims at introducing new ways of thinking and seeing Greece and its culture. Primarily, Hellas Filmbox Berlin aspires to be a platform for “New Greek Cinema”.

“We would like to start a constructive dialogue between Greece and Germany by highlighting the current emotional and political cracks between the two”, says Asteris Kutulas, founder of the German-Greek Cultural Association and festival director. “Films in general trigger a range of opinions which is the best starting point for any discussion.”

Sandra von Ruffin, actress and vice festival director adds: “The medium of film is universal, it connects, it separates. It influences dreams, desires and fears in people. It’s so highly effective. That counts for Greek films as well as for any other film, of course. With this festival we want to reach out to the German audience and we would like to take them on a unique journey into the human soul through the eyes of Greek filmmakers.”

For more information on the festival’s objectives and the program of events, visit the Hellas Filmbox Berlin web site.