“Between two homelands”

Christos Karakasis’ documentary film “Between two homelands “ will travel to the UK, to be screened at the Edge Hill Univesrity, on December 12, at 13:00, at the Lecture Theatre – Creative Edge.

“Between two homelands” is a film about a Greek migrant, Ilias Missyris, who moved to Finland many years ago. In Finland he discovered many Finnish-Greek associations and through the Greek music, he preserved his Greek identity but also started enjoying his life wherever he was.

“The idea of making a documentary about people who have found another home began many years ago”, says Karakasis. “When I met Ilias I immediately wanted to make a documentary inspired by his life. What moved me was the fact that Ilias’ journey had started when he was 7 years old. The truth is that during the film process we – the creative team – all entered an inner journey stage. After this inner jouney of ours we ’ve become muchwe became better people and I wanted to share this feeling with as many as I could. After this journey we are simpler, more conscious seekers of beauty of life and human relations, and our thoughts are far richer!”

“Between two homelands”
Screenplay-Direction Christos N. Karakasis
Cinematography Ilias Missyris,Christos Karakasis,Arttu Kotisara,Eero murtomaki , Ari Valkola, Juhani koivusaari
Text-Naration Vasiliki Kappa
Music composition Moles Band , Souvlaki orchestra
KOYINTA Production www.kouinta-production.gr