Norwegian Ambassador to Greece accredited

Ambassador Jørn Eugene Gjelstad met with President Prokopis Pavlopoulos yesterday to hand over his credentials.

Ambassador Gjelstad said: “I had the honor to meet the president of Greece Prokopios Pavlopoulos September 15 in order to hand over my credentials.

The ceremony was formal, beautiful and dignified. Our following informal discussion was both stimulating and encouraging. It focused inter alia on the importance of strengthening the cultural bonds between young, creative and innovation orientated professionals. This in order to strengthen the flow of new and important impulses between our two countries. Our dialog focused also on the challenges the Greek society was currently facing, in particular the difficult migration situation and the issues of fiscal stabilization and structural reforms. The President was well aware about Norway’s EEAs grant for supporting key areas within the Greek society, and looked forward to further cooperation. Personally I am very happy for being settled in Greece/ Athens, with full respect of the significant impact Greek culture have had on the European culture as a whole and our way of thinking.”

[Photo: Ambassador’s Twitter]