“VOYAGE” exhibition extended until August 27 at Museum Herakleidon

The exhibition titled, “VOYAGE-Greek Shipbuilding and Seafaring from antiquity to modern times” currently on display at the Museum Herakleidon will be extended until August 27 , an announcement said.

The exhibition presents the history of Greek seafaring in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, from prehistoric times to the middle of the 20th century.

Around 40 handmade wooden models of Greek ships (0,60 m. to 1,50 m) are presented, which were constructed using traditional methods and naval architectural drawings. The creator of the models is Dimitris Maras, who holds an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and has studied in depth the shipbuilding history of Greece.

Voyage8Painter and printmaker Mary Schina, associate professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts, is participating in the exhibition with selected works from her series “Aegaeis”, “Aegean Sea Odes” and “Aegean Odes honour the Ancient Treasures of Antikythera”, inspired by the Aegean Sea.

The exhibition also includes nautical instruments, maps, videos, drawings and a special edition in two languages (English/Greek).

A new section focusing on the Antikythera Mechanism is open to visitors and includes rare exhibits, old and contemporary models of the mechanism, drawings, photographs and written information on the research for the most complicated mechanism of antiquity (2nd-1st cent. BC).

The exhibition is taking place under the auspices of the Hellenic Navy General Staff.