Taiwan Film Festival

The Taipei Representative Office in Greece and the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation present the Taiwan Film Festival. Three films produced in 2013 by Taiwan’s young generation of dierctors, will be screened from Thursday, October 29th until Sunday, November 1st at the Michalis Kakoyannis Foundation. The global cinema community is aware of Taiwan’s film industry from directors like HOU Hsiao-hsien, Edward YANG, Ang LEE and TSAI Ming-liang, representatives of the New Wave Cinema of the 80s and the 90s. It was the time when filmmakers began to seek creative outlets beyond the mainstream film establishment. Their creations -— later dubbed New Wave Cinema – were noteworthy for blending innovative filming techniques with down-to-earth and sympathetic portrayals of Taiwanese life as well as trenchant social commentary. The movement produced two world-class auteurs, Hou Hsiao-hsien and Edward Yang. In the early 1990s, a “Second New Wave” of films centered on contemporary life emerged. Key figures in this movement included Ang Lee and Tsai Ming-liang.
All films include English subtitles.

Programme of Screenings:
Thursday, 29th of October 2015, at 20:00
Saturday, 31st of October 2015, at 19:00
“Step Back to Glory”
Taiwan, 8.2.2013, color, Mandarin, with English subtitles, 125΄
Direction: CHANG Po-jui
Screenplay: CHANG Po-Jui, YU Shang-Min
Music: Fred LUI
Cast: KUO Shu-yau, CHUANG Kai-Hsin, Pink YANG, Belle YU, Hannah QUINLIVAN
The film is inspired by the real-life success of Jinmei Girs’ Hign School”s tug-of-war team that often won the World Indoor Tug-of-war Championship since 2010, it tells the story of the struggle and growth of a high-school athlete. One of its rival team from Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco was invited to Taiwan for the shoot of the final game.

Sunday, 1st of November 2015, at 20:00
“Rhythm of the Rain”
Taiwan, 4.10.2013, color, Mandarin, with English subtitles, 118΄
Direction: Vincent FONG (an acclaimed lyric writer, hugely popular in Asia)
Cast: Vivian HSU, Alan KUO, Ashton CHEN, Ginnie HAN, Josie XU (unfinished)
On a rainy day near the end of summer, singer Alan bumps into Ginnie, a hearing-impaired college student. He immediately falls for Ginnie, who reminds him of his first girlfriend, Sharon. However, as their mutual affection grows, Sharon, now a rock star, reappears in Alan’s life.
The film’s theme song won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Original Film Song.

Friday, 30th of October 2015, at 20:00
“Zone Pro Site”
Taiwan, 16.8.2013, color, Mandarin, with English subtitles, 145΄
Direction – Screenplay: CHEN Yu-hsun (known for his award-winning 1995 film Tropical Fish)
Cast: Kimi HSIA, Tony YANG(Yo Yang), LIN Mei-Hsiu, WU Nien-jen, KO Yi-Cheng, KING Jieh-Wen
The movie tells the story of a roadside banquet chef’s (caterer’s) daughter who tried to escape the family business; however, when her attempts to pursue a modeling career land her in trouble, she returns home and begins to rebuild her family business. The young female chef’s relations with her parents, her interaction with 2 other roadside chefs will give audience a very complex taste of life.