PM Tsipras: ‘I feel ashamed by Europe’s inability…’

“The Aegean Sea does not only wash ashore bodies of children, but it washes ashore the EU culture,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in Parliament on Friday.

“I feel ashamed by Europe’s inability to deal effectively with this drama,” added the prime minister, noting that he also feels ashamed by the discussion made at summit level. As he stated, “the tears poured today are hypocritical because it is not only the dead children who are washed ashore, it is also the children who are stacked on the road to exile.”

“Our primary task is to limit the humanitarian tragedy,” he underlined. The prime minister added that as Greeks we know what being a refugee means, so our primary humanitarian duty is to save those lives and do our best in order to avoid similar incidents, AMNA reports.

Moreover, Tsipras stressed the need to keep a stance in line with the European values and isolate extreme racist voices that exist in Greece and in Europe.

Meanwhile, European Parliament President Martin Schultz will visit Lesvos with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras this week, to witness first-hand the immense efforts of the Greek coast guard and the volunteers in rescuing and managing refugee flows.

Government sources told media Athens has led the efforts to activate EU institutions to address the refugee issue as a common European problem and Schultz’s visit raises hopes that the European forces, which support a humanitarian policy on the issue will be mobilized.

“The government’s aim is to highlight in its meetings the role of Greece as a frontline country in defense of solidarity and humanism, on behalf of the whole of Europe,” the sources said.

Sources: AMNA,, Kathimerini – Photo: PM’s Twitter