PM Tsipras: ‘The era of political instability is over’

In a televised interview with state ERT TV, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras answered questions posed by three journalists – Voula Kehagia, Yannis Kouvaras and Vasilis Skouris – while journalist Panos Haritos coordinated the whole process.

Premier’s main points have as follows:

– Our country is an example of how democracy should work. This is a different period than that of previous summer.

– When we gathered around a table with the President of the Republic, I did not ask political leaders to agree on everything.

– I feel safe with current government majority. The aim is not the formation of an all-party government. National elections were held just two months ago.

– I became a Prime Minister at the age of 40 and I wish to proceed to major reforms, to face major and critical issues.

– Mr. Leventis is not a representative of interwoven interests. I appreciate him, but he cannot be considered as the regulator of political life.

– I do not dismiss anyone and I will try to meet with all leaders –with the exception of Godlen Dawn- to discuss their positions.

– We will not enter into political transactions with anyone; we do not need anyone’s support, this is not the point.

– I would expect the consent from all parties against the pathogenes of interwoven interests.

– The fact that there is an endless inner election campaign in main opposition party creates problems.

– With the law on the media, we played the bad guys not to attack the media, but to introduce rules in the field.

– I have no doubt about the stance of SYRIZA’s parliamentary group.

– The era of political instability is over

– Main opposition’s behaviour is erratic. They have voted for the agreement and now they say no to actual measures.

– Success story is not only about indicators; it is about people finding jobs. We have an upward Road Map to exit the crisis. The country will regain its sovereignty.

– We have managed to keep intact some major red lines. The insurance system is surely a Red Line.

– A coherent proposal on the insurance system will be tabled in Parliament.

– There are many things lenders do not agree with, negotiation is a dynamic process.

– Things would be easier if we had the support of the opposition.

– Things would be easier if we had the support of employers’ organizations; namely, some proportional participation in the cost of the crisis.

– Unemployed people in Greek families survive from elder people’s pensions.

– SYRIZA belongs to a different political family than that of Social Democracy, but we need to seek alliances amongst the EU-28.

– No European developed country could face such refugee flows, but we responded to the challenge.

– It is not open season in Greece; the country is the last stronghold of stability.

– Guarding borders is a national responsibility.

– What exactly ask Greece to do? To make the boats turn back and allow little children to die? The Greek coast guard is saving lives.

– Greece cannot turn into a depot of souls. The issue cannot be solved by throwing the ball to each other.

– Greece is demonstrating a face of solidarity and humanity.

– The European project will collapse if we all raise walls. [Source: A. Tsipras’ Twitter]

Earlier yesterday, in an informal meeting under Alexis Tsipras in Parliament, ministers discussed the second wave of prior actions in order to set the date for a new round of voting, reports. The most probable date is between 15-18 of December.