“Magic Carpets: Paintings en Route”

The exhibition “Magic carpets: paintings en route” is the result of art workshops initiated and supported by the Norwegian Embassy, in order to empower, educate and encourage unaccompanied migrant children express their fears and frustrations through art, in addition to their hopes for the future.

Christina Nakou, artist and curator, led the workshops and curated the artworks exhibited at PIERCE – The American College of Greece.

The art workshops, financed by Norway through the EEA Grants, were held at four unaccompanied children migrants and vulnerable migrant group centres in Athens and Patras run by SOAM. Most of the children aged 5 to 18 years are unaccompanied, because they have lost their parents during war, or on the way to Europe. There are cases, however, that the children have left on their own, to seek a better future. Most of the children speak only their mother tongue. Thus, the communication during the workshops was achieved through art and body language. Some of the unaccompanied children remained in the centres for months awaiting reunification with their families.

The children’s artworks are exposed as “magic carpets” that “carry” their experiences and dreams for the future. The aim of the exhibition is to raise public awareness.


The program’s manager was IOM, while several NGOs offered their support. Among them: NOSTOS, EADAP, Greek Council for Refugees, PRAKSIS, Greek Red Cross and Doctors of the World.


SOURCE: Embassy of Norway