President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos met with Vladimir Putin

The President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos met with Vladimir Putin, on the sidelines of the forum entitled, “Russia and the World: A Look into the Future”.

In his welcome speech President of Russia Vladimir Putin said: “Your visit gives us this excellent opportunity to declare the opening of the Year of Russia in Greece and the Year of Greece in Russia. These programmes will see more than 30 different events take place, nearly 40 in fact, 37 events in all. There will be Greek exhibitions at the Hermitage, at the Historical Museum in Moscow, Russian companies will take part in the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, and we will organise a round table as part of the 20th St Petersburg International Economic Forum”.

President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos said: “Mr President, thank you for your hospitality and for this reception. I thank you too for the fact that our meeting effectively opens the Year of Greece in Russia and the Year of Russia in Greece. The planned events can and will build closer ties between our close and friendly peoples. I think that this year will bring us the pleasure of having the opportunity to receive you in Athens. It is your turn to come to Athens now. […]

Mr President, on behalf of the Greek people, the Greek government, and all democratic forces in Greece, I want to say that we value most highly Russia’s contribution to resolving the world’s current problems and confronting challenges that are not so much economic as humanitarian in nature. I believe that no matter what the differences between Russia and the European Union, they can be resolved through dialogue. I think that no matter what these differences may be, they are of little significance compared to the challenges we face at the global level: the need to end the war in the Middle East, in Syria, restore peace, protect people, fight terrorism, which threatens the entire international community, and defeat ISIS”.

With information from the Russian Presidency