The Athens Print Festival currently underway in Athens

The Athens Print Festival recently opened its doors in various locations in Athens. Organized by the Greek Printmaker’s Association and the Cultural and Athletic department of the Municipality of Athens, the festival aims at promoting new, innovative art, created in Greece and abroad. By using the the magic word “Abracadabra” it will atempt to change reality.
The program of events includes exhibitions, presentations, lectures, educational programs, and open artists’ workshops.

Within this framework, the Athens Engraving Art Center – Pandolfini & Siaterli is organizing an exhibition of artists of the ’70s and the ’80s, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens (Instituto Italiano di Cultura). The Center presents works of famous Italian artists: Artibani, Beccari, Bentini, Bertozzi, Boschini, Calabria, Campus, Candini, Checchi, Corbara, di Marco, di Stefano Giovanni, di Stefano Nunzio, Ferranti, Ferrari, Fioravanti, Franchi Donatella, Franchi Giancarlo, Ganna, Green, Grassitelli, Guerra, Leonι Carlo, Leoni Mario, Milanese, Morι, Orioli, Pandolfini, Pernice, Poggeschi, Pulini, Quintili, Reggianni, Sbano, Scarabelli, Serafini, Siaterli, Solendo, Sughi, Tavanti, Terziari, Vergherio, Vespignani, Visani.

The exhibition will open its doors on March 2nd at the Italian Cultural Institute on 47, Patision Street in Athens, and it will run until March 22nd. Admission is free.
To view the full program of the exhbitions and events visit the Athens Print Festival web site.

SOURCE: Instituto Italiano di Cultura
PHOTO: Instituto Italiano di Cultura (Dimitra Siaterli)