Moscovici on programme review: ‘A good agreement could be reached’

EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, at the media briefing following the Eurogroup meeting said:

“Regarding Greece, I am very pleased with today’s agreement that will allow institutions’ head representatives to return to Athens tomorrow to continue discussions on the review of the programme. The institutions have worked hard in recent weeks – among themselves and with the Greek authorities – to prepare this return.

These efforts enabled this positive decision. Obviously, we must now continue working on several projects. I will mention five:

– the establishment of privatization and investment funds;

– the reform of the income tax;

– pension reform;

– the creation of the independent agency revenue;

– and management of non-performing loans.

As regards budget is concerned, the Eurogroup confirmed the importance of achieving the primary surplus for 2018, i.e. 3.5% of GDP. We will now work together to reach agreement on measures that will achieve this goal.

We believe that a good agreement can be reached on all these points; I believe and hope that this agreement can be reached as soon as possible. This is, I believe, in the interests of all – especially when one takes into account the migratory situation that puts, too, unprecedented pressure on Greece and for which the European Council is discussing operational responses.”