Art meets adventure in Artventure Camp

Art meets adventure in the 3rd Artventure camp organized by musician Petros Kourtis and his team on the island of Lefkada in the Ionian sea.

The Artventure Camp entails 7-day music classes on the beach, in a gorge, near a waterfall, in the courtyard of a church, on a mountain or on a sailing boat.

On a three-day sailing trip called “Art Odyssey” you will have the chance to “meet” the Cyclops and Sirens and create unique and artistic projects based on the adventures of Odysseus and his companions.

The aim of this camp is to focus on the creative thinking, the interactive communication, the human relationships, and the personal development. All acts are “human-centered” and supported by professional musicians/instructors with many years of experience. Through educational tools, outdoor activities and seminars, the participants will learn how to work in teams, respect the nature, become more creative, get to know the location, the people, and the local tradition and culture. They will discover and develop themselves through their five senses while experiencing how the groove meets harmony in a very Greek way.

Dates of the camp:
1st period: Aug 22 – Aug 28
2nd period: Aug 29 – Sep 4
Syvota – Lefkada
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