Greece and Turkey – opinion

The Turkish military coup will remain a subject of discussion for a long time, since this country is at the epicenter of a geopoliticaly “sensitive” area of the planet.

Following the events of July 15, we cannot but agree with those who argue that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan controls his country’s inner affairs and that his party is able to deal with a difficult situation at any time. The Turkish people also reacted and embraced danger, as they are in favor of the “deficient” democracy of President Erdoğan, having experienced five military coups from 1960 onwards. And the political world of Turkey is also in favor of this kind of democracy.

Instead of approaching the West, Turkey is getting closer to the East.

The powerful President of the Republic of Turkey however cannot understand the power of the mass media, especially the digital media. And he has started a new round of prosecutions. One could argue that the journalists of CNN Turk are worth winning the Pulitzer price for their strength during critical moments. They showed the world what a few people can do, while remaining true and loyal to their mission.

Unfortunately President Erdoğan and his policy are leading Turkey to division and isolation. Instead of approaching the West, Turkey is getting closer to the East.

It is also evident – as stated by the U.S.President Barack Obama and the U.S. Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew – that Greece’s political and economic role in the area has been upgraded. Barack Obama’s statements show that the U.S. Government is in favor of Greece’s debt restructuring, since the country is indeed an “oasis” of political and economic stability in Southeastern Europe. Meanwhile the Turkey of President Erdoğan is establishing a dialogue on geopolitical issues with Russia…

Konstantinos Pantzios





* Konstantinos M. Pantzios is a journalist and a political analyst

PHOTO:Presidency of the Republic of Turkey