Frigate “Libertad” visited Greece

The Argentine Navy training vessel, Frigate “Libertad” visited Greece from September 3-7 as a sign of friendship between both countries.

On the year of the Argentine Republic’s 200th anniversary of Independence, Frigate “Libertad” is carrying a message of peace and friendship to the world. The 196 days long itinerary to 10 countries began on April 23rd,  when the vessel departed from Buenos Aires-Argentina. Before arriving in Greece (Piraeus & Hydra) it visited Recife (Brazil); Baltimore, Norfolk and New York (USA); Amsterdam (Holland); Boulogne Sur Mer and Brest (France); Liverpool (UK); Dublin (Ireland); Ferrol (Spain); Toulon (France); Citavecchia (Italy).

The itinerary will continue its journey to Cádiz (Spain); Río de Janeiro (Brazil) and Montevideo (Uruguay), returning to Buenos Aires on November 5th.

SOURCE: Embassy of Argentina