The 6th Athens International Digital Film Festival concluded

The 6th Athens International Digital Film Festival closed its doors with the awards ceremony on February 8th. More than 150 films, from 30 countries, were screened during the Festival’s week, including 60 premieres. The Festival included all categories of New Cinema such as short and feature fiction films, video art, video dance, experimental, short and feature documentaries.

In collaboration with the British MMBF institution the festival awarded one of the winners with the Rising Star Award. This Festival’s main program was screened in the two well know Athenian cinemas of historical value, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema and Studio New Star Art Cinema. Two tributes took place in the parallel events with films of unique aesthetics and themes; the first to young filmmakers from Spain and the second to filmmakers from Iran. The audience also enjoyed films created by Edge Hill University students.

A special tribute to Environmental Education, Lifelong Learning was held by the 6th Athens International Digital Film Festival on Saturday 4 and Monday 6 of February. The tribute’s inspiring environmental films charmed adults and children through their magical images, stunning landscapes and scientific information on nature.

The special program of screenings was accompanied by a panel discussion focusing on the role that documentaries hold in introducing environmental sciences research and discoveries to a wide audience. 

The Festival takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and has had the Support of the City of Athens/ OPANDA since its first year. The festival is produced by KOYINTA Organization and Tickets Tickets and has partners and cultural correspondents in several cities of Greece and in various countries around the world.