Ladies of Athens embassies held gastronomy event

The 2015  International Food Festival organized by LAASA, the “Lady Ambassadors, Ambassadors’ Spouses, Athens” took place on June 14th at the Campion School in Pallini, with the participation of 35 Embassies, based in Athens.

The festival included the sale of traditional, culinary delights prepared by the people of Athens Embassies, as well as concerts and traditional dances. Participated countries included Sweden, Ukraine, Romania and Egypt.

All proceeds were donated to MDA Hellas (Muscular Dystrophy Association).

LAASA is an informal group of lady ambassadors and ambassadors’ spouses in Athens. Formed in 2012, currently there are 40 members representing countries from Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. In addition to promoting cultural exchanges and understanding between member countries and with Greek communities, LAASA also organizes activities to help charitable organizations dealing with women, children and the handicapped in Greece.