Summer festival kicks off

Several Embassies and foreign organizations based in Athens support this year’s “Arditttos Festival”, an event that will take place in the neighborhood of Mets in central Athens, between June 26th and 28th.

Under the title “Mets – A neighborhood of the world” the festival will include art workshops for children, photography and drawing exhibitions, concerts and traditional folk dances, as well as culinary events organized by Greek and foreign cuisine experts.

Festivities will take place at four locations in Mets, specifically at the Ardittos Association premises on Harvouri 2 & Evgeniou Voulgareos streets, on 7 Markou Mousourou street, at the Athens Centre on 48 Archimedous street and the 13th Junior School on 38 Stilponos street.

The festival is organized by the “Ardittos” Neighborhood Enhancement, Cultural & Sports Association with the support of the Embassies of Palestine and Romania, the Russian Cultural & Scientific Center in Athens, the Greek-Japanese Friendship Association, the “Alexandros Ypsilantis” Greek-Moldavian Friendship Association, the Georgian Institute in Athens/Caucasus Cultural Center, the Philippine School in Greece (under the aegis of the Philippine Embassy), the “Berezka” Russian Cultural Association, the Center for Greek-Armenian Studies, the Greek-Arab Care For Children Association, the Scandinavian Cultural Association (Sweden, Finland, Norway), and Mets residents.

The festival’s opening ceremony will take place on Friday, June 26th, at 9 pm at the Athens Centre, on 48 Archimidous street.

For more information on the program of events visit the Association’s web site on