Two Norwegian films will be screened at Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Two Norwegian films will be screened at Thessaloniki International Film Festival this year: Joachim Trier’s Louder Than Bombs and Operation Arctic directed by Grethe Bøe-Waal.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival is a film festival of South Eastern Europe, that present the current year’s Greek productions, and one of the most important festivals in the Balkans for the emerging film makers from all over the world. Founded in 1960 as the Week of Greek Cinema, it became international in 1992, including a Competition Section for feature length films by emerging directors presenting their first or second film.

Louder Than Bombs is Joachim Trier’s English language film debut. His first Norwegian language film, Reprise, received the 2007 Amanda Award (Norway’s top film award) for Best Norwegian Film, Best Director and Best Script and was the Norwegian Oscar candidate for Best Foreign Film in 2006. His second film, Oslo, August 31st, was selected for Un Certain Regard at the Cannes IFF in 2011 and nominated for the César award for Best Foreign Film 2013.

Louder than bombs directed by Joachim Trier: Two screenings during the festival: November 8 at FRIDA LIAPPA hall at Apothiki D, Limani at 20:00, and November 14 at the same venue at 20:30.

An upcoming exhibition celebrating photographer Isabelle Reed three years after her untimely death brings her eldest son Jonah back to the family house, forcing him to spend more time with his father Gene and withdrawn younger brother Conrad than he has in years. With the three of them under the same roof, Gene tries desperately to connect with his two sons, but they struggle to reconcile their feelings about the woman they remember so differently.

Operation Arctic directed by Grethe Bøe-Waal: Grethe Bøe-Waal’s Operation Arctic received a top prize at the 57th Nordic Film Days in Lübeck. Three screenings during the festival: November 7 at OLYMPION at 11:00, and two screenings at STAVROS TORNES November 9 at 09:00 and November 12 at 09:00.

13 year old Julia and her twin siblings, 8 year old Ida and Sindre, have ended up on the deserted Half Moon island by a tragic mistake. No one knows where they are. They have to conquer fear and dangerous situations: wild animals, raging weather, lack of food, and how to communicate with the mainland. But they are quickly learning something all children love: How to master challenges. A modern day Robinson Crusoe adventure set in the Arctic.

Operation Arctic is a part of the Young Screen program.

All screenings have Greek subtitles.