“Brazilian and American Songbooks”

“Brasilian and American Songbooks” is the title of the show of Greek pianist and accordionist, Giorgos Psychogios and Portuguese singer, Andre Maia due to take place on December 11th at Ianos.

American songs from the ’50s, brazilian songs, fados, bossa nova and Meditarranean tunes will be performed by Psychogios and Maia.

Giorgos Psychogios maintains an improvisational approach, while performing. He covers a vast musical range from the early classical period all the way to jazz. The audience will have a chance to enjoy his improvisational virtuosity and the passion which drives the torrential development of his musical ideas.

André Maia was born in Lisbon (Portugal). He completed his acting studdies at the Superior School of Theatre and Cinema (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema) of Lisbon. He’s been living in Athens since 2009. By mixing Portuguese music and Greek instruments, he introduced the fado music to the Greek audience.

The performane will take place on December 11th at Ianos (on 24 Stadiou st.) at 21:30. Tickets cost 10 euros. For more information visit the Ianos web page.