Greek Foreign Ministry recalls Ambassador from Czech Republic

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled Greek Ambassador to Prague, Panagiotis Sarris, following controversial statements by Czech President Milos Zeman, regarding Greece’s status in the Eurozone.

In a statement at the Slovakian news agency TASR, Zeman said his country was prepared to join the euro, provided that Greece was first expelled from the Eurozone. (“To Vima”)

He also expressed his “disappointment” that a Grexit was avoided, since “Czech taxpayers would have to cover the Greek debts”. Commenting on the issue last week, the Greek Foreign Minisry spokesperson Konstantinos Koutras said that “the Czech Republic is a member-state of the EU thanks to Greece. No further comment for now”. (AMNA)
SOURCES: “To Vima” newspaper, AMNA
PHOTO: Milos Zeman official site