The Greek National Opera welcomes the New Year

Renowned arias and cheerful duets from operettas of Sakellaridis, Hatziapostolou, J. Strauss and F. Lehar, as well as Christmas carols will be performed by the National Greek Opera on December 30th, at Pedion tou Areos.

Chrysanthos Alisafis will hold the musical direction of the event. With: Lydia Angelopoulos (mezzo-soprano), Haris Andrianos (baritone), Georgia Iliopoulos (soprano), Maria Mitsopoulou (soprano), Stamatis Beris (tenor) and Nikos Stefanou (tenor). With the participation of a small music ensemble.

The event is a synergy between GNO and the Region of Attica within its Christmas Events context.

December 30, 17.00
PEDION TOU AREOS PARK [Alexandras Av. and Mavromataion str.]
Admission is free

PHOTO: GNO (Charis Akriviadis)