Arrivals from Europe increased in Jan.- Sep. 2015

Tourist arrivals increased between January and September 2015, the Hellenic Statistical Authority announced.  Arrivals from Europe, which accounts for the majority of arrivals of non-residents to Greece (88.4%), recorded an increase of 7.9% in January-September 2015 compared with the corresponding period of 2014, while arrivals from EU Member States recorded an increase of 17.1%.

As regards European countries, a significant increase in absolute values is observed in arrivals from Bulgaria (56.8%), the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) (26.1%), Germany (17.8%), the United Kingdom (17.5%), Italy (26.1%) and Poland (27.1%), while a decrease in absolute values, is recorded in arrivals from Russia (-62.1%) and Serbia (-26.5%).

A significant increase of arrivals, in absolute values, is recorded from America, with a large contribution of arrivals from the USA (3.2%) and from Asia, with a large contribution of arrivals from Turkey (4.5%).

As regards the means of transport and the point of entry, during the aforementioned time period, it is observed that most of the arrivals are by air and by road. As far as the arrivals by air are concerned, the airport of Athens holds the first place with (16.1%), followed by the airports of Iraklio on the island of Crete (10.8%) and Rodos (8.2%). The main points of entry which account for the biggest percentage of traffic, by road, are Evzoni (10.3%) and Promahonas (6.9%).

According to the Frontier Statistical Survey conducted by the Bank of Greece, in the period January-September of 2015, arrivals of non-residents from abroad increased by 8.6%, compared with the corresponding period of the year 2014.

The largest contribution regarding the total of arrivals from the European countries, has FYROM (13.2%), Germany (11.6%), United Kingdom (10.3%), Bulgaria (7.8%), France (6.5%) and Italy (6.0%).

SOURCE: Hellenic Statistical Authority
PHOTO: Pixabay