Deputy FM Mardas visited Palestine

Deputy Foreign Minister, Dimitris Mardas, visited Palestine and met in Ramallah with the Palestinian Minister for European Affairs, Amal Zatu. Mr. Mardas and Ms. Zatu discussed ways of cooperation in the sectors of construction, building materials and commerce. The Palestinian side asked for Greece’s participation in the construction of an industrial zone.

Ms. Zatu also asked Mr. Mardas for Greece’s assistance, through the provision of know-how, in the development of the tourism market in Palestine.

Mr. Mardas also met at the Greek embassy in Tel Aviv, with 13 Israeli entrepreneurs, who expressed their interest in investing in Greece. There was an in-depth discussion on the prospects for bolstering commercial transactions between Greece and Israel. Mr. Mardas set out the prospects and opportunities offered by the Greek economy and responded to a number of questions posed by the entrepreneurs.

Mr. Mardas also met with the President of the Israeli Federation of Chambers of Commerce, with whom he discussed the prospects for strengthening bilateral, trade relations.