The 3rd New Choreographers Festival embraces artists of the Greek diaspora

In the spirit of the last two years, Greeks of the diaspora, working in Europe, continue to have a strong presence. Local talents also give their mark, shaping the new tendencies of contemporary Greek dance. For the first time this year, OCC turns to Cyprus, hoping to start a dialogue that supports open borders in art.
The three works of this year’s festival have a different style and orientation, covering a wide range of themes.

Evangelia Kolyra’s interdisciplinary gaze focuses on breathing in order to explore not just a technical understanding of the body, but also the overtones that result from dealing with such an essential bodily function.

Informed by philosophy and myth, Ioanna Angelopoulou experiments with the notions of space, bodily contact, resistance, and resignation through the looking glass of Hesiod’s Theogony.

Finally, Harry Koushos comes together with a great musician of his generation, Dimitrios Skyllas, in a bold production at the Main Stage of the OCC. Together they redefine the notion of lament, of the eternal wandering, and of the suffering body.

For a third year then, this two-day Festival presents new productions, exemplary of today, which have been supported by known dance centres in Greece and abroad. Tuning in to the times, the Festival brings to the fore the importance of art, wishing to reinforce a dialogue with the spectator.
Concept and Artistic Direction of the Festival: Katia Arfara

23-24 March

Evangelia Kolyra
10,000 litres
(Upper Stage | 19:00)

Harry Koushos
(Main Stage | 20:30)

Ioanna Angelopoulou
Palm in Palm
(Upper Stage | 22:00)

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PHOTO: Stefanos Koumaras [Ioanna Aggelopoulou]