Cause-Marketing Seminar in Athens

Global Sustain brings Thomas Kolster in Athens on April 21, 2016. The author of Goodvertising and founder of WhereGoodGrows, Kolster advocates the use of the relatively under-developed discipline of ‘cause marketing’ to simultaneously promote the commitment of companies to public campaigns and their own products. The seminar, entitled ‘Cause Marketing: where profit meets purpose’ will take place at the NJV Athens Plaza, Plateia Syntagmatos, starting at 09:00 am. Academics, Sustainability/CSR Managers, Marketing, Public Relations, Public Affairs, Corporate Communications Managers and Business People are invited to intervene and discuss the content of the seminar.

Kolster analyses the way social responsibility is today linked to business and global issues. Strong of case studies and examples, the most contemporary of which can be found on, the seminar offers an overview of how this marketing philosophy has been applied in Denmark and other countries in Europe. Based on the idea that expansion brings its own challenges, Kolster shows how solutions need to be sustainable and linked to different areas, where experts can contribute to making successful diverse products via the use of this different concept of marketing.  In a world in which transparency is becoming obligatory to rear a large pool of loyal customers, societies might find useful how cause-marketing can to incorporate both the commercial and socially responsible agendas, to the point that it becomes hard to understand if the focus is more on bringing in profits or working for a global cause afflicting our times.

Romana Turina