Artists from Latin America, Greece and Portugal to celebrate International Music Day

The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments on the occassion of Internationa Music Day will host a concert of artists from Latin America, Portugal and Greece. The event will feature singers, André Maia, Janet Kapuya, Katerina Polemi, Alejandro Díaz, Pedro Fabián, Arturo Huerta, Antenor Bogéa and Vitalia Hernández Solos. The Dancing groups Las Galoperas de Atenas and Hellen Labrinos will participate along with the Batala Rythmic Band.

Musicians include Marios Strófalis, Alejandro Díaz, Pedro Fabián, Arturo Huerta and Antenor Bogéa. The festival’s artistic director is André Maia and the event is coordinated by Elia Ramírez Rouvalis, member of “Balam”, the Association of Mexican Artists and Intellectuals in Greece.

Sunday, June 19th – 11:30
Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, Diogenous 1-3, Plaka
Free Admission
A guided tour will take place prior to the concert (10:30) in the museum’s premises.