The Australian Embassy supports the children of “Merimna”

The Australian Ambassador to Greece, His Excellency John Griffin and his partner Mr Pakapat Thipayaprapai on Sunday March 27th invited around 30 children, their adult carers and families supported by “Merimna Society for the Care of Children and Families Facing Illness and Death”, to a children’s play at the Railway Carriage Theatre “To Treno Sto Rouf”.

The children and their families saw the theatrical play, “Two Stubborn Spoons” (Δύο Ξεροκέφαλες Κουτάλες), a story about friendship, respect of differences and the importance of working together, by the Theatre Group Kopernikos.

Australian film maker Mike Hill and his wife Sue Collins have collaborated with Merimna. They came to Greece to meet families and help produce a short film under the “Little Stars” series by Moonshine Movies. The film is currently under editing.

SOURCE: Embassy of Australia
PHOTO: L-R: Ambassador Griffin with members of the play’s cast and Ms Tatiana Ligari, Ms Emmie Sini, Mr Pakapat Thipayaprapai, Ms Kallia Armaganidou.