Migration: Schulz pleads for long-term approach together with African partners

Martin Schulz called for a comprehensive and long-term migration policy in cooperation with African countries in order to tackle the refugee crisis. The EP President made the plea yesterday [Nov 10] at the Maltese Parliament ahead of the Valletta summit on migration taking place today and tomorrow. Schulz said: “As long as war continues, people will continue to flee and won’t be able to return home.”

During the summit organised by the European Council, the leaders of EU countries are to look at how Europe and Africa can work together on migration. “Let us use the opportunity offered by the Valletta Summit wisely” Schulz told the Maltese Parliament yesterday,, “let us stop patching up short-term solutions and instead come up with a comprehensive, long-term migration policy together with our African partners.”

The EP President called for measures such as investing in development, supporting good governance, resolving conflicts and boosting local economies through trade. “Our strategy can never consist of fighting migrants,” he said. “Our strategy must consist of fighting the root causes of migration: conflict and poverty.”

Photo: European Parliament